1. Sal (age 11) and Henry (age 8) on living in the US

  2. Sal: I can't pledge allegiance to the flag. I fake it every day.
  3. Henry: Me neither. I just put my hand on my chest and stare at it.

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  5. Henry, Age 8, chose Pretty Woman over The Fifth Element.

  6. Henry: Why is she wearing those huge boots?
  7. Me: Do you know what a hooker is?
  8. Henry: Yes.
  9. Me: How?
  10. Henry: An episode of The New Girl.
  11. Henry: If Vivian's roomate spent the rent money on drugs, couldn't she just call the cops on her?
  12. Henry: What did she say about your foot being the same length as your arm? Is she a nerd hooker?
  13. Me: I'm going to fast-forward any sex stuff.
  14. Henry: Please.
  15. Henry: Oh My god she has a toupee? The blonde hair is a wig? Her long hair is way prettier.
  16. Henry: This guy is a good actor (Jason Alexander)
  17. Henry: Why did Edward say "stay in the shallow end" of the tub?
  18. Me: It was a joke.
  19. Henry: Not funny.
  20. Henry: Oh man she needs new clothes now.
  21. Henry: Why are those women in the store so idiotic? They kicked her out because of that outfit? She was going to spend money in their shop! EL STUPIDO.
  22. Henry: She's getting in trouble at the hotel for her old clothes now? She needs new clothes SO BAD.
  23. Henry: Vivian kind of looks like Sal, but in hooker boots.
  24. Henry: I think she should have bought a lot of normal clothing, not just a cocktail dress.
  25. Me: Look she has a new dress. Do you think he likes it?
  26. Henry: Edward?
  27. Me: Yes.
  28. Henry Who cares, he's a pervert.
  29. Henry: She's sitting on the edge of the building. I'm not afraid of heights, but I'm not idiotic enough to do that, I wouldn't be comfortable doing that. She's dumb.
  30. Henry: The hotel manager is like, SHE IS AWESOME.
  31. Henry: What are they watching? HORSE GOLF OR SOMETHING?
  32. Henry: Yup, this is horse golf.
  33. Henry: Vivian is going to be really mad at Edward for telling him she's a hooker.
  34. Henry: Oh she's wearing the red dress from the commercial. She's going to laugh and he's going to do the clam book joke on her hand.
  35. Henry: Does the elevator guy just stand in the elevator all day? That's a terrible job. I bet some guys just stand in there and play Angry Birds all day.
  36. Henry: It takes 3 minutes to get to China from Calgary on a rocket. Sal told me that, but Sal is wrong about a lot of stuff.
  37. Henry: If the hotel manager liked her so much, he should have given her a job in that hotel.

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  39. Writing down what my husband says as he watches The Bachelorette

  40. James: Look at these guys.
  41. James: The only way to get on this show is if you say yes to these questions: Are you a dick?
  42. James: Do you like tight black t-shirts and arm curls?
  43. James: Do you like attention?
  44. James: Do you have an arm tattoo?
  45. James: Why aren't any of these guys talking about fucking her? That's ALL these guys would be talking about without the cameras there.
  46. James: Look at these guys. Dick. Dick. Dick. Dick.
  47. James: I can't believe this woman put her kid on this show. "My Dad died, and then my Mom went on this whore show twice."
  48. James: This guy is totally Will Forte.
  49. James: What!? This guy just answered a question with a question.
  50. James (valley girl accent): "I'm not feeling butterflies!! I'm just feeling sick that I have to sit with this guy who answers my questions with questions for another 2 hours."
  51. James: She's crying because she's a total mess.
  52. James: I would hate to get murdered. That would be the fucking worst way to die ever. You'd just be like, "ARE YOU FOR FUCKING REAL?"
  53. James: As if this woman couldn't find a boyfriend without a TV show.
  54. James: A beard isn't really complete until you can put elastic bands in it, right? That's how I'll know when mine is done.
  55. James: When I was fat a few years ago, in all those pictures, can we just tell people that was your uncle?
  56. James: I'm going on The Bachelor. I'm so fucking done with you Kelly. I'm going on the Bachelor to meet one of these hot ladies who knows what they are looking for.
  57. James: The only thing Tony can do at this point is whip his pants down.
  58. James: I'm going skydiving. Chances of dying are 1:100000, chances of dying in a car 1:4000. I'm going to skydive into the pool. If I died because the chute didn't open, that's a pretty great story for the kids to tell their friends.
  59. James: I want a 60 day membership to this BJ's place.
  60. James: Look at this douchebag's hair.
  61. James: Nice fucking letter, man.
  62. James (Imitating Bachelor): "I have a son named Taylor. He's 5 and a totally sweet kid and he will absolutely bone your daughter Ricky."
  63. James: Stevie is a PARTY MC??
  64. James: Who says 'mincely'? Who the fuck says 'mincely,' come on.
  65. James: You can tell that guy got hit in the head.
  66. James: As if she's gonna pick the Party MC, she has a kid.
  67. James: She picked the Party MC. That's how you know this is buillshit. That's fantastic.
  68. James: You're a biology teacher man. You make 20K a year, what is THIS GIRL supposed to do with you, a biology teacher? She already knows where her vagina is.

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  70. talking to a 3 year old

  71. Bea: She isn't that old, her hair isn't grey.
  72. Me: It really is grey, she colors it brown.
  73. Bea: She... colors.. it brown so... people don't know she's an old lady? Weeeeiiiiiirrrd.

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  75. Listening to my husband talk to himself as he watches Mad Men.

  76. James: Imagine if we just could just show these people the internet?
  77. James: (about christina hendricks) Oh my God. Look at her. Where did they find this woman?
  78. James: Look at the crotch in those pants.
  79. James: Joan looks like a porno Wilma Flintstone.
  80. James: Oh God, Megan's teeth look like Billy Bob teeth, or like Shane McGowan... if Shane McGowan was really pretty and spoke French.
  81. James: I'd screw Joan but I'd have to do it in the winter, because in the summer she'd get all sweaty. That's why her husband won't bring her to Vietnam.
  82. James: What the fuck?
  83. Me: He isn't really doing that. It's a hallucination, trust me. He's sick. I mean, where would Megan be?
  84. James: I don't think I've ever been so sick that I thought I fucked and murdered someone. Ever. I have NEVER been that sick.

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  86. So, Henry (age 8) asks me about the "Horror movie" Human Centipede

  87. Henry: I've wanted to know what it is for a YEAR. A YEAR.
  88. Me: You don't want to know. I wish I didn't know.
  89. Henry: I need to know.
  90. Me: Fine. This guy kidnaps these people and then sews their mouths to each other's buttholes.
  91. Henry: (pulls a really weird face, I've never seen this face on him) What? What do you mean? That guy is crazy.
  92. Me: He has three people. The ones with the mouths on the buttholes eat the poop until they die.
  93. Henry: You've seen this.
  94. Me: No. Gross.
  95. Henry: Okay, so if there are 3 guys then what guy would you want to be? I'd want to be the first guy.
  96. Me: Me too.
  97. Henry: It sounds like a comedy.

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  99. Henry, age 8 (AKA: Kids born in the 2000's)

  100. Henry: Is there something wrong with the phone? I've called this number before and it works, but now it just goes "BUUH BUUH BUUH BUUH" when I dial.
  101. Me: That means it's busy.
  102. Henry: What do you mean?

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  104. Driving through a strip mall parking lot with my 10 year old, Sal

  105. Sal: Peking House? Isn't that Chinese?
  106. Me: Yeah.
  107. Sal: BILL'S PEKING HOUSE? BILL? Doesn't sound very authentic.

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  109. Me and Henry (age 8)

  110. Me: Henry, what can I do to get you to like reading more?! You read really well.
  111. Henry: I don't know, get better books?
  112. Me: Here, this one is really good, "Henry and The Clubhouse"
  113. Henry: You tried to get me to read that one last year by telling me Henry and his friends made drugs in the clubhouse.
  114. Me: I did?
  115. Henry: Yeah.
  116. Me: What about this one? "BFG" is stands for Big Effin' Giant. What is this inscription in the book? This isn't even our book!!! It says, "DEAR JOHNNIE, I LOVED THIS BOOK WHEN I WAS 8 AND I STILL DO. MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM CHARISSE"
  117. Henry: Where did it come from? Who the HECK IS CHARISSE?!
  118. Me: I don't know but you are 8 and this was Johnnie and Charisse's favorite book when they were 8 and your name is Henry and Johnnie and Charisse are probably dead and will haunt you until you read it. You're reading it.
  119. Henry: Ok.

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  121. Henry (8) and Sal (10) watching "Marie Antoinette"

  122. Henry: So what, you just like trade your daughter to another country to stop world war two or something?
  123. Henry: They'd better not take that pug from the girl from Spider-man. Oh my GOD they did. I hate France.
  124. Henry: I want a feather pen.
  125. Sal: They are really heavy and hard to write with. You have to dip them in ink. They leave blotches.
  126. Henry: You don't think I know that stuff? I tried to make a feather pen.
  127. Henry: Is he wearing a wig? Why is a big butt dress supposed to be fancy? Everyone likes big butts. They cannot lie. This is where the song probably came from.
  128. Henry: Instead of kissing at the wedding they should do the chicken dance.
  129. Henry: Are there explosions in this?
  130. Henry: Is everyone going to watch them go to bed? Are they dying? Okay is everyone going to go in their room every night?
  131. Henry: Uhhh (boob shot)
  132. Henry: Did they want them to have a kid their first night together?! Um, they kinda have to know each other first. Jeez.
  133. Henry: I can't wait to go to France and eat pastries.
  134. Me: They're just like the ones at the patisserie.
  135. Henry: No. They're better. Mom, it's Paris.
  136. Henry: Do they have to make a baby here at some point? God, that would be annoying. This prince is a weirdo. He makes keys.
  137. Sal: Why is the King with that girl? That's not the queen? Ew!
  138. Henry: What about that pug?
  139. Henry: They said the princess is fooling around, but the prince is never sleeping with her.
  140. Henry: Don't walk behind that huge dress! Peacock! CA-CAWWW!!

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  142. Me, Henry and Sal watching Degrassi Jr. High

  143. Sal: Spike will not be pregnant. (pause) WHAT?! She's pregnant?! Maybe she'll get an abortion.
  144. Henry: Like Chinese people do?
  145. Sal/Me: WHAT?!?!
  146. Henry: You know, in China they abort the girls. God, you two know nothing.

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  148. Driving home with Sal (10) and Henry (8) who are playing the "Yellow Car" game

  149. Me: Ok. You guys, the yellow car that we are going to pass in 3 blocks does not count anymore. It's always parked there and you've called it too many times.
  150. Henry: What?!
  151. Me: You've called it too much, you both know it's there. I don't want a screaming match for a 'point' over that car.... I'm hereby determining it NULL. No points for the yellow car coming up.
  152. Sal: YELLOW CAR!!
  153. Henry: Where?
  155. Henry: YELLOW CAR!!!
  156. Me: Henry, Sal just called it and I told you that you can't call that car! It's NULL!
  157. Henry: She couldn't even call it back there! She couldn't see it!
  158. Sal: Yes I could!
  159. Me: Yeah, she could totally see it and this is EXACTLY why I determined the car to be NULL.
  160. Sal/Henry: I GET THE POINT!!!
  161. * I STOP THE CAR *
  162. Me: Both of you get out and walk home. You both are BACK TO ZERO POINTS IN YOUR YELLOW CAR GAME! Get out, walk.
  163. Sal: Ok.
  166. * I start driving *
  167. Me: If you guys got abducted what would I tell the police?? 'Oh, yeah Officer, I kicked them out of the car because of the Yellow Car Game. You know, it was annoying' NO WAY! I am not gonna become the bad guy here, not now, not on my watch!!!!
  168. Sal: You're insane.
  169. Henry: YELLOW CAR!
  170. Sal: ARRRRGH!!

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  172. Putting Bea (age 3) to bed

  173. Bea: I love you the mostest in the world.
  174. Me: I love you the most, you are my sweetest little tiniest baby ever.
  175. Bea: I love you the most, you are my sweetest oldest Mommy ever.... a fossil Mommy. You are a fossil.

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  177. Sal comes in room, 9:55pm

  178. Sal: Mom, I can't sleep. I'm not the average person.
  179. Me: What? Go to bed!
  180. Sal: The average person falls asleep in 7 minutes. OH MY GOD IS THAT A 9VOLT BATTERY?! CAN I PUT IT ON MY TONGUE?
  181. Me: What is wrong with you?
  182. Sal: CAN I?!!!! I love how it feels.

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