1. Not sure if I’m allowed to share this because nobody tells you the rules until you break them.

    I’m new to this book writing business, so I’m getting all of these lists of information back from the publishers.
    This list was actually interesting:
    1. I was surprised it was interesting.
    2. I was surprised by the list and I wrote the fucking book.

    BEHOLD a list of people I’ve mentioned in my 300+ page book:

    Affleck, Ben

    Aguilera, Christina

    Allen, Woody

    Amos, Tori

    Anderson, Loni

    Anderson, Pamela

    Anderson, Tracy (celebrity trainer)

    Anderson, Wes

    Banks, Tyra

    Barrymore, Drew

    Basquiat, Jean-Michel

    Bates, Kathy

    Bergen, Edgar (ventriloquist)

    Berliner, Emile (inventor)

    bin Laden, Osama

    Brown, Chris

    Candy, John

    Caray, Harry (sportscaster)

    Chan, Jackie

    Chung, Alexa (TV host, model)

    Chung Ling Soo (magician)

    Clooney, George

    Close, Glenn

    Coleman, Gary


    Copperfield, David, D.C.

    Crawford, Cindy

    Cruise, Tom

    Culkin, Macaulay

    Danson, Ted

    Danza, Tony

    Dean, James

    Del Toro, Benicio

    Depp, Johnny

    DiCaprio, Leonardo, Leo

    Dick, Andy

    Dillon, Matt

    Dion, Celine

    Disney, Walt

    Donahue, Phil

    Evangelista, Linda

    Farley, Chris

    Fisher, Carrie

    Flynt, Larry

    Foley, Dave

    Ford, Harrison

    Fox, Megan

    Freeman, Morgan

    Gere, Richard

    Germain, Karl (magician)

    Goldberg, Adam (actor)

    Gosling, Ryan

    Hanks, Tom

    Harrelson, Woody

    Helfer, Tricia (supermodel)

    Henning, Doug (magician)

    Hepburn, Audrey

    Hoffman, Dustin

    Holyfield, Evander

    Hurley, Elizabeth, Liz

    Jackson, Michael

    Jett, Joan

    John, Elton

    Johnson, Betsey

    Jong Il, Kim

    Joplin, Janis

    Jovovich, Milla

    Keller, Helen

    Kline, Kevin

    LeBlanc, Matt

    LeBrock, Kelly (supermodel)

    Lil Wayne

    LL Cool J

    Lopez, Jennifer

    Maguire, Tobey

    Maher, Bill

    Marley, Bob

    Marx, Richard

    McAdams, Rachel

    McCarthy, Cormac

    McKee, Robert (screenwriter)

    Murray, Bill

    Newton, Isaac

    Nightingale, Florence

    Norton, Edward

    O’Donnell, Rosie

    Oldman, Gary

    Paltrow, Gwyneth

    Perez, Rosie

    Phillips, Stone

    Posey, Parker

    Raphael, Sally Jesse

    Reynolds, Burt

    Richie, Lionel


    Ripa, Kelly

    Ritchie, Guy

    Robert-Houdin, Jean-Eugène (magician)

    Roberts, Julia

    Rogen, Seth

    Rogers, Fred

    Rooney, Mickey

    Ryder, Winona

    Seberg, Jean

    Selleck, Tom

    Shields, Brooke

    Spader, James

    Spears, Britney

    Spelling, Tori

    Stewart, Martha

    Swift, Taylor

    Tarantino, Quentin

    Tatum, Channing

    Temple, Shirley

    Teresa, Mother


    Travolta, John

    Tyson, Mike

    Valderrama, Wilmer

    Wilde, Oscar

    Williams, Robin

    Williams, Serena

    Winchell, Paul (ventriloquist)

    Winfrey, Oprah

    Wonder, Stevie

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