1. Look, here is the situation…

    LA has left this place empty.

    This is what I look like for 8 hours of the day. Expressionless in front of a computer.
    I am sure I’ll have great skin as I age, you know, from all of the not talking and expression making that seems to be the new norm. I’m alone and I’m writing and that’s the deal. I get up every day, I feed and take the kids to their three different schools, I sit here - like this- I feed the kids and I watch The Voice… all while my hair air dries.

    If I have a point, it’s this. I’m not, not here. I’m here. I’m just, not.

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    3. saykeats said: I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends. it would be hilarious/boring/full of poorly edited montages
    4. brain-confetti said: I don’t know what to tell you. I felt the same way and had to move out of Los Angeles. It felt like I was treading water most of the time.
    5. otrotc said: strangely understandable. Hope things fluctuate and feel more here and less not.
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      Sweet Jebus, this is me 8+ hours of my day.
    7. xemhowardx said: Welcome to my life, except I’m not making money. Some days I love it, other days I wonder why. You’re truly talented-hang in :)
    8. lmkt1 said: Girl, get your self out of the city for a day or even a few hours. I think Nature might help to re-energize you. If it helps at all Calgary is going to be frigging cold this weekend,and you probably won’t be. Better?
    9. slickrate said: Be strong. Community will be back soon.


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