The majority of pro-gun Americans seem to always be chanting ‘It’s my RIGHT!’ and citing the 2nd Amendment.

    Do these people realize that in Canada you also have the right to own a gun and ammo? IT’S TRUE. Did you know that per capita Canadians own more guns than Americans? IT’S TRUE.
    You do have the right to bear the arms and shoot shit up the yin yang.

    A few differences:
    In the US- if someone SNAPS, or gets REALLY MAD- they have the ability to go out and get a gun in the heat of the moment and do something they, and everyone else will regret…
    In Canada- You can’t decide you want to go the the local shop and pick one up, like an Xbox game.
    The steps below prevent people who don’t really need a gun from over arming & needlessly arming.
    Making guns available, normal pieces of the home, contributes to gun violence but certainly isn’t recognized as a contribution.
    PS- What are the stats on guns helping regular citizens vs guns harming regular citizens?

    Here’s basically how people do it in Canada…

    1. You must pass a day long gun safety course - according to stats only .5% fail
    (crazy people HATE tests! they hate a day long course! SCHOOL SUCKS!)

    2. Provide three references of character
    (crazy people are crazy! BILL IS CRAZY AND WANTS TO BUY A GUN. DON’T SIGN IT HAROLD.)

    3. Provide information on your love life and financial affairs
    (have abuse charges against your lady/boy friends?? bankrupt? SORRY GAIL!!)
    ***note: when husbands/wives get a license to buy a weapon, the spouse must sign a form indicating they feel safe with him/her buying a weapon.

    Now mail this all in, get a license back in the mail (4-6 weeks later) and go and BUY YOUR HANDGUNS AND RIFLES AND ALL THE AMMO YOU NEED.

    ┬áIf you want to protect your home or go shoot a duck… these rules should not offend your sensibilities. If they do bother you, you need some outside help, not just a gun.

    There, now you guys know why seemingly normal young adults, husbands and wives don’t often kill each other with guns in Canada we use swords and cars. And yes there are illegal guns available, and no people don’t go out and get them and kill each other. I don’t know why, but they don’t!

    Mentally ill people are everywhere, but the US is the only place where mentally ill people can buy something built to kill human beings.


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