1. James talking to himself during Black Swan.

  2. James: I don't know about her, but I embody both Black and White swans.
  3. James: This is going to be one of those movies where they don't show her face and her feet in the same frame while she dances right?
  4. James: Kelly, look at how big my muscles are.
  5. James: Oh, oh she passed herself on the street. That's the black swan.
  6. James: (as Portman) "Hi, I'm the girl who fucked up in my audition yesterday."
  7. James: Kelly, I think I've seen this movie before.
  8. James: Here he goes, that French pig. Giving it to her, oh but she bit him. That's black swan material.
  9. James: He saw the black swan in her when she bit his lip and slapped his dink really hard.
  10. James: Too many mirrors. That picture's eyes moved. I don't like this movie. Ew, get a meal! Why is she so skinny?
  11. James: That's Barbara Hershey you know. (singing) She's crazy, craaaazy.
  12. James: When is this fucking Black Swan going to show up?
  13. James: Awww, what the fuck is wrong with this girl. I don't want to watch this. I don't want to watch this. Too gross.
  14. James: (As Kunis) "Hurry up! I gotta shit out here!"
  15. James: If this was a Sci-fi movie that angel would come to life. That would be sweet, if something happened.
  16. James: (Spanish accent) "I must penetrate you"
  17. James: There's lots of masturbating in this show.
  18. James: Isn't that Macauley Culkin's girlfriend?
  19. James: (Valley Girl accent) " I don't need any stuffies! I'm putting them all in the garbage. Bye you stupid stuffies!"
  20. James: Fuckin' giver Rick. That's what that was, the 'fuckin' giver Rick' speech.
  21. James: She has man feet.
  22. James: There's going to be a dead swan in there. Deep fried.
  23. James: I didn't like that at all. What was I supposed to like about that? The only part I liked was when she was masturbating with her bum in the air.

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